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Digital Art Tutorial: Making a Crash….

Greetings, fellow art lovers! Graeme Jackson here, with what promises to be a fun, if not instructive read. The rather clumsy title of this little article refers to Crash Soirée, a character that I have the pleasure of working on with the extremely talented writer, Andrew (Andrez) Bergen.     When we launched Crash’s very own […]

How to use #Hashtags

Hashtags are awesome little things that help you organise your social media posts and tweets by topic. That sounds awesome right? Well in theory hashtags can be very useful and cool, but in practice so many people are wasting their time and annoying everybody by using hashtags incorrectly which is #hastiespetpeeve. Here are some tips for effective […]

Innovative Street Art Video. SOFLES — LIMITLESS.

This time-lapse film of Street-art has to be seen to be believed. It is probably the coolest thing ever.

Content Design Project: Viral Video

New semester at RMIT

Well after a few golden weeks of very little stress and technology its back to RMIT for the new semester. I decided to major in design so I am faced with lots of really fun subjects that I love! The pic of the bunch for me would have to be digital compositing and VFX. We […]

MYO Armband Control Device Launches Its Developer Program

PHOTO ESSAY- Electronic Imaging and Design

Originally posted on Multimedia Aus:

This is going to be great!

A week ago my buddies and I had our final exams at RMIT. Last semester was demanding and rewarding in equal measures. A 5000 word Feasibilty Study for Applied Entrepreneurship, Object Oriented design and programming for P2, The deceptively difficult Web Programming and the creative fun of Electronic Imaging and design. The exams themselves went […]

The world’s most intelligent street sign

Originally posted on pancham.:
  Brooklyn-based creative agency Breakfast‘s latest creation Points – an intelligent street sign – is without a doubt the future! It resembles a traditional three-armed street sign, pointing towards a nearby destination. It’s when the arms begin to rotate around towards new directions and the text begins to update that one realizes they are in…

stumbleupon: a great way to find interesting things on the Internet I recently started using stumbleupon. Stumble upon is a website that helps you to stumble upon websites based on your interests. The results are  all very cool. It is a great way to discover things you may be interested in.

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