Social Media For Business : 10 Tips

Social Media for business is being used across the board these days and it has in some cases replaced the need for traditional websites for smaller operators.

A lot of small businesses are trying their hand at running their own Facebook for Business Pages and Instagram accounts to varying levels of success so I thought that I’d chime in and offer some advice to make their lives easier!

Here are my top 10 tips for businesses wanting to run a better social media campaign for their page.

1. Know why you are using social media and what type of person your customers and clients are.

2. Craft your messages for your customer’s needs and talk to your customers at times that they are active on social media.

3. Pick a consistent tone for your language and content. Always be friendly AND professional.

4. Decide on a frequency of posts that will keep your page ticking along but will not feel like spam to your customers. For most businesses 2-3 quality posts a week is sufficient.

5. If you must repost other peoples content on your page, try and keep to a ratio: %60 your content %40 other content. This ensures that your message is not drowned out.

6. NEVER drive drunk! Even after a glass or two of alcohol your judgement can be compromised so don’t operate your social media accounts or operate a vehicle under the influence. This also goes for when you are upset or overly tired.

7. A good post has these attributes:

  • Title.
  • Body Content (What it’s about).
  • Links/ hashtags (don’t go crazy here).
  • Relevant photo.

Before you post make sure that you have all of the information that is needed to create a MEANINGFUL post.

8. If you are repeating information. Why not make a new post and present the information in a different way instead of just using a repost?

9. Run regular competitions. People love a giveaway. You need to spend money on your social media campaign like any other form of advertising.

10. Set measurable goals. Such as get to 100 LIKES in a month etc.


About Me:

I am the founder of Tower of Able: a communications workshops and strategy business based in Newcastle, Australia.

I can be reached at

or on Facebook:

All the best,

Ben Hastie



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